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Donor support allows our artistic community to thrive. Thanks to our generous supporters, we can continue to host vibrant, quality performances. Make sure the cultural theater experience continues to shine in Lincoln by contributing today. We would love to count you as one of our valued sponsors.

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Help us thank our donors

Founding Members

René & Keith Martin

Clancy & Sue Faria

Schweim Family

Leah & Doug Bassett

Debbie & Armand Novelo

Sid Guitierrez

Becky Jansen

Michelle Keller

Top Donors

JoAnn & Robert Sotelo

Susan & Steve Gillespie

Maureen & Sam Peters

Brian & Jennifer Frick

Schweim Family

Tracy Dennis

Ron Rasmussen

Maureen Faria

Big Day of Giving 2020

JoAnn & Robert Sotelo

Tracy Dennis

Schweim Family

Michelle Adams

Christine Bauch

Julie Pantovich

Holly Chandler

Mike Mechanick

Rebecah Ransom

Amy Anderson 

Gulshan Eyvazova

Landon Wheeler

Kelly Newton

Maureen Peters

Ruth Cambra

Megan Fidler

Karin Hildreth

Susan Gillespie

Rich Breuer

Trisha LeRoy

Sue Faria

Eric Cox

Melissa Whitsell

Teresa Gold

Josh Harper

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